Dreamworks: Universe of Legends is a casual RPG featuring characters from a bunch of your favourite Dreamworks movies.

To be honest though, if you don’t have favourite Dreamworks movies you’re not really going to find much to enjoy here.

The game feels like it’s targeted at the younger end of the gaming spectrum, thanks in no small part to the cast of pandas, dragons, and other famous animated heroes that you’re getting to play with.

And there’s a decent enough game bubbling under all the trappings. It’s not enough to make you throw down everything you’re doing and rub the game all over yourself, but there’s simple fun to be had, and a few giggles to be found too.


The game starts off with bumbling kung-fu hero Po accidentally releasing a load of special crystal things from their special cage.

From there it’s up to you to build up a team of Dreamworks heroes, stomp through a series of themed levels, and get all of the crystals back home safely.

Different heroes have different skill-sets, so balancing your team is the key to success. Actually, the key to success at the start of the experience is just playing.

This is a game that very much makes you feel like an invincible bad-ass from the get-go.

The core of the game involves fights. These are simple affairs that don’t really require much user-input. In fact it’s not long before the game gives you the option to not even bother playing them.

Heroes whomp away at the nearest enemy, and when they’ve charged up their special move you can unleash it with a tap on the relevant portrait at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll earn loot as you go, and you can spend it on toughening up your gear and heroes. The whole thing rumbles along with the sort of rhythm anyone who’s played one of these laid-back RPGs is going to be very familiar with.


Everything is presented with a thick slop of polish, and there’s a certain thrill to seeing a dragon from How to Train Your Dragon battling alongside one of the cave-people from The Croods. Or at least there is if you have any idea what those two things are.

If you don’t, you’re going to find yourself losing interest in everything Dreamworks: Universe of Legends throws at you in pretty quick time.

There’s nothing wrong with it per-se, but it sticks rigidly to a formula we’ve all seen a thousand times before.

This is probably a good game to keep the kids quiet with on a rainy autumn afternoon, and that’s no bad thing. Just don’t expect it to have the same staying power for older players and you could well be on to a winner.

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